A Property Management company is responsible for all aspects of the management of Real Estate. Elite Property Management deals directly with Tenants as the agent of the Landlord and provides a buffer, allowing the property owner to maximize their profit and minimize contact with their tenants to ensure all parties have their needs met.



We take a personal approach to ensure that the properties we manage are the pride and joy of their owners. From individual condominium units to houses and apartment buildings, we have experienced it all and know how to take care of your investments.

Our goal is to maximize the cash flow of your property without the headaches. We know that life is busy and stressful without having to worry about carrying a mortgage on your vacant property, whether your tenants are paying rent on time, or if their taps are leaking.



Imagine a monthly rental income with no headaches. Elite Property Management will come in and take pictures of your property, advertise and show it, and accept tenant applications. We diligently screen each applicant and manage your property during the term of the tenancy while you just sit back and relax, enjoying the benefits of renting.

Setting the standard means continuously delivering a level of service that exceeds expectations in all areas of asset management. We are client focused, detail oriented, and most importantly we manage your property as if it was our own. With reliable tradespeople and service providers, we are confident that our team has what it takes to take care of you.




Buildings – 120
Units – 2200
Managers – 4
Complexes –  50
Yearly Budgets Total   – 67'
Guest Cabins – 2


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Site Management
Emergency Service
Cost Efficiencies


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