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The Elite Twelve

What is The Elite Twelve?

The Elite Twelve is a competition for Saskatoon's top athletes to showcase their abilities and their commitment to the community. Check out last year's winners here - we'll be having each of them as part of our panel to choose this year's athletes!

The rules are simple. Local athletes (ages 14-25) from any sport (Soccer, football, auto racing, dancing, ping pong, you name it!) can apply or be nominated for the program, and we encourage those who are passionate about their sport and their community to get involved! We'll have prizes even bigger than last year - the winner will take home $1500 cash and each of our Elite Twelve will receive a cash prize!

If you're an athlete in the Saskatoon area, this is your chance to show off your accomplishments, aspirations, and involvement with your community to receive some amazing promo and fantastic cash prizes.

Here's the timeline for what you can expect from this year's competition:

April 1:      Applications and Nominations open up

April 30:    Deadline for Applications and Nominations

May 14:     Applicants Selected

May 18:     Deadline for Interviews for 1st Round

May 25    Deadline for Interviews for 2nd Round

June 4-29: Each individual athletes gets featured on The Elite Twelve Facebook Page and website. Competition for Likes and Shares begin.

July 1:         Deadline for Likes and Shares competition

July 5:        Top 3 winners announced and Cheque Presentation

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!