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What other packages are available?

In many cases, condominium complexes will already have a number of management services taken care of, so our full service option would not maximize their benefits. We also offer a reduced package that focuses on improving administration and financial management services. This service is intended to benefit our client by streamlining their administration processes and monitoring and improving their financial management. Increased efficiency will ensure value is maximized and works toward improving the quality of life for all residents. At Elite, we do everything we can to implement our core values of service, support, and reward into the daily operations of our complexes.

Here are the main components of our administration and financial management package:

  • Fee collection: Collecting monthly condominium fees, levies, fines and miscellaneous charges, delinquent accounts, and depositing all funds to the condominium trust accounts.
  • Meetings: Organizing and attending all general meetings and board meetings, preparation and distribution of all minutes and agendas.
  • Emergency services: 24 hour emergency services to all owners.
  • Financial records and transactions: Record keeping of all payables and receivables, payroll services (if required), employee bonding (if required), operating budgets, schedules of fees, and monthly financial statements.
  • Financial planning: Assisting with budgeting, capital expenditure planning, and reserve fund requirements.
  • Legal records: Acting as the registered office for the condominium corporation, including legal documents, estoppel certificates, minute books, registers, and financial records.
  • Insurance: Ensuring all insurance requirements for the complex are met, including Officers’ and Directors’ liability insurance as well as asking for proof of insurance or clearance letters from Workers' Compensation on all contractors.