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Elite 12

Elite Athlete #12 - Jared Reddekopp

Our final Elite Twelve Athlete for 2017! Jared Reddekopp is a 19 year old Super Late Model driver at Wyant Group Raceway. That may seem young to our readers but Jared currently has 11 years of racing experience (5 in stock cars, and 6 in go-karts). Up to date, his most recent achievements include:

• 2014 Super Late Model Rookie of the Year and youngest local driver to ever compete in the Super Late Model Division in Saskatoon
• 2015 2nd Overall in points falling short of 1st place by a minuscule amount of 7 points.
• 5 heat race wins, 10 top 5’s, and 3 feature wins during stock car career.

Jared Reddekopp was born in Saskatoon but was raised in Osler and currently resides in Warman. Jared grew up watching his dad race Street Stocks and Pro Trucks starting in 2002 and was an avid fan of his father.

At the age of 7, Jared was exposed to the world of karting thanks to Cory Friesen and the following year he had to take part in the action. He bought a go-kart the next year and only raced 4 times but managed to place inside the top 3 out of 15 karts in a main event. It was noted that the kid could drive so next year Jared got a new kart and managed to finish 2nd overall in points and then won the championship in only his second full-time season! From there Jared purchased a Rotax (faster division) and played around with the faster karts for a bit before making his jump into stock car racing.

At age 14, Jared got into the Mini Stock division at Wyant Group Raceway. In his first year he won Rookie of the Year, followed up by two feature wins the following year and then jumped up to Super Late Model at the age of 16 and became the youngest local Super Late Model Driver to ever hit the track.

In his first year, Jared won Rookie of the Year and the "Most Courteous Driver Award" voted upon the drivers. He followed that up the next year by finishing 2nd in points, winning "Best Looking Car and Crew", and winning multiple heat races, and finishing top 5’s in features and invitationals.

Jared was on an absolute tear when his luck took a turn for the worse in 2016. Multiple mechanical failures occurred including two engines blowing up, a clutch giving out, brake issues and tire issues. Jared was awarded the "Phoenix Award" (tough luck award) and Best Looking Car and Crew in 2016.

His goals for 2017 are simple. Forget last year and improve from 2015. Jared is striving to finish top 3 in the Market Tire WSA Series races, and earn his first feature win in Super Late Model. Helping him accomplish these goals for 2017 are a list of sponsors that we believe deserve some recognition for supporting such a talented young man. They are:

• Razor Heating and A/C
• Carrier Turn to the Experts
• Harvest For Kids Saskatchewan Doerksen Farms
• Feitsma Services
• Saskatoon Truck Parts
• Pinnacle Builders Ltd.
• Unique Collision / Linex Coatings
• Tibo's Mobile Welding
• Embaerk
• Driving Force
• The Bolt Supply House Ltd
• TMG - Joan Giesbrecht
• JAGR Homes
• Ghost Transportation
• Green Pixel Designs
• Tosh
• Mr. Mikes Casual steakhouse- Martensville

Jared has sure made a name for himself already and he is only 19! When we asked Jared about what got him into the sport he passionately responded with, “Watching dad. I love being in the shop as well as the track.”

We then asked Jared what his favourite part of the sport was and he responded with, “The community and commodity between the teams and the crews. As well as the intensity. Super Late Model racing feels like the show.” Super Late Model racing is the highest form of Stock Car racing currently in Western Canada and for Jared at the age of 19 to accomplish what he has, is quite the feat indeed.

When asked about what he would do if he won the $1000.00, Jared responded with, “Student Loans, or a track rental for racing.” Oh, we forgot to mention that Jared some how has time to be enrolled in the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan.

To add to his busy schedule, Jared has also been invested in giving back to the community. Jared went on a mission’s trip to Vancouver BC with his graduating high school class in 2014. This entailed many trips to the inner part of Saskatoon, prior going to Vancouver, to deliver food and well wishes to community people to prepare themselves for the final trip. Jared also assisted coached high school volleyball throughout the 2016 school year and volunteers at the track by selling 50/50 tickets, tending the parking lot, and working on the cleanup truck during races.

If you would like to see Jared Reddekopp racing in “The Show” against Western Canada’s Best Super Late Model Drivers, come can see him at Wyant Group Raceway on July 8th! Gates open at 4:30 pm and Racing starts at 6:00 pm. If that date does not work for you, you can see Jared race when the “Super Late Model” division races. The link for the schedule is here:


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